WHENEVER I have the opportunity to fly into Edinburgh Airport, I always get excited when I see the sweep of our coastline come into view.

The landmarks stand out: Dunbar Harbour; Tantallon Castle; North Berwick Law; and the three bridges spanning the Forth are majestic in their engineering.

The absence of the two chimneys of Cockenzie Power Station is stark.

I remember the concerns when it was being built: conversations about the ‘new houses’ changing the community, and the risk of dirty washing!

Things did change, the washing was not dirty and the new houses and those being built today are surely a testament to growth and success.

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I remember fondly the open-air pools in Cockenzie, North Berwick and Dunbar.

Rain or shine, we took every opportunity to enjoy swimming, sunbathing and shivering, eating hot pies and Bovril after midnight bathing.

The holiday market brought life to the towns and the swimming pools were a strong draw for all.

Although there are currently upwards of 20 outdoor tidal pools and lidos across Scotland such as in Gourock and Stonehaven, those in East Lothian have disappeared, filled-in and tarmacked over. Overwhelmed by the pull of the package holiday sun, the punters left, discarding their plastic shoes and rubber bathing caps, and heading for a fortnight of guaranteed sunburn, sombreros and sangria.

The tide has turned. Tourism is booming, staycations are the conscientious choice and people want to enjoy healthy pursuits. I suspect these trends will remain.

Our East Lothian summer weather appears to be becoming milder and drier, giving us more time to enjoy outside pursuits.

Wild swimming is growing more popular, but it can be dangerous and is not for the faint-hearted.

Are we missing the boat? Surely we should we bringing back our open-air, sea water swimming pools.

They could be heated from underground thermal heat (so I have read) and, with sports and changing facilities, shops, restaurants and cafes, they would bring well-needed work.

With our world-famous golf courses, top-class hotels and restaurants, East Lothian could be invincible!