Tranent entrepreneur and former rock guitarist Tommy Crooks, founder of The Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company (ENSC), has returned home following a successful trade visit to Japan to promote the business.

Whilst on the trip, Tommy manned an ENSC Japan stall at Hibiya Park, where Tokyo’s biggest Christmas Market is held during this festive season.

With a continual stream of customers from 10am until 10pm, Tommy said: “We were sometimes feeling overwhelmed with customers keen to try our products”.

ENSC was founded in 2010 by Tommy, a former guitarist for rock bank The Fall, in his kitchen in Tranent where he stays with his now 15-year-old son and partner.

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The business now sells products globally including in Japan where Tommy has formed Edinburgh Natural Skincare Company Japan.

Whilst in Japan, ENSC were given the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a Maiko, in Kyoto.

Maiko are apprentice Geisha and they often perform songs, dances, and play Japanese instruments for visitors during banquets and parties.

Tommy and the Japanese team were invited to the British Embassy in Tokyo by Angela Colthorpe, senior trade specialist at Scottish Development International.

Angela said: “It was my absolute pleasure to welcome Tommy Crooks from

ENSC to the embassy earlier this week.

“Tommy was blown away by his experience in Japan, all that he saw, heard and touched."

Since 2010 it has been ENSC’s mission to create a 100 per cent natural, synthetic free, skincare range that suits all skin types. The product range is now in demand worldwide.

Tommy said: “The reaction to our brand in Japan has been highly positive and sales are on an upward curve.

“We were fortunate enough to work with a Maiko whilst on this trip which was an immense honour.

“When we started crafting at the kitchen table in 2010, often working late into the night, we had no idea there would be world-wide demand for our products.

“Currently we have two stores in Edinburgh but selling into Japan takes our business to another level.

“It’s incredibly exciting to be able to turn our export ambitions into reality.”