Musselburgh Probus Club held a tribute to Robert Burns last Monday in St Michael’s Church Hall, Dalrymple Loan.

Alister Hadden, president of the Probus club, presented Tommy Taylor as the guest speaker.

He performed the Immortal Memory and did a duo with club treasurer Ivor Highley for the poem “To a Mouse”.

Mr Hadden gave the Selkirk Grace before potato and haggis pies were enjoyed by the group gathered.

A vote of thanks was given by Mr Hadden to Tommy for his excellent tribute to Robert Burns to the Probus Club and to everyone else who had contributed to making the Burns afternoon so enjoyable.

The afternoon closed with everyone joining in a circle on the floor of the hall, joining hands, and singing Auld Lang Syne.

The club’s next meeting will be on February 14 where Stuart MacDonald will be the guest speaker. Stuart will share his stories of his sailing adventures and all are welcome to the meeting St Michael’s Church Hall at Dalrymple loan Musselburgh starting at 2pm