A FLOCK of sheep is being introduced to North Berwick Law to help ponies already grazing there.

The area is home to a number of Exmoor ponies that roam freely around the volcanic outcrop – but they will now be joined by some woolly friends.

The sheep will be based on the eastern side of the Law, in a paddock near to the Heugh, but East Lothian Countryside Rangers stressed that they would not share the same piece of land with the ponies.

They encouraged dog walkers to be careful when passing the area and to keep their pets on a leash.

They also stressed that both the ponies and sheep had plenty of food and water and did not need to be fed by members of the public.

A spokesperson said on Facebook: “We are introducing a small flock of sheep into the paddock area on North Berwick Law in the next week for a couple of months to help the ponies with their work on grazing the area.

“The ponies will not be sharing the area while the sheep are there, but both the ponies and the sheep have plenty of food and water in the areas in which they will be.

“Please, if you are visiting the area, continue to keep your dog under close control or on a lead.

“Happy grass munching!”