A popular eating and drinking spot is hoping to have its licence amended so that it can serve alcohol earlier in the day.

No.12 Hotel & Bistro, on Quality Street, North Berwick, offers accommodation to visitors as well as a bar and restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner to all.

However, under current licensing laws, only hotel residents can drink alcohol on the premises between 9am and 11am, meaning that non-residents cannot have an alcoholic beverage with their breakfast.

Hotel representatives are appearing before East Lothian Licensing Board on Thursday (February 26) in the hope that this can be amended to allow all patrons access to the same products at the same time.

In an application submitted to the board, the case for the change was made.

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It said: "It is of course the case that residents can order a drink prior to licensed hours, and for those that are visiting or on holiday that is quite common where they maybe have a late breakfast and a pint of beer or a Bloody Mary!

"After breakfast they would then leave and carry on their visits elsewhere.

"Quite often non-residents ask if they can have a drink as well, and it does cause confusion amongst both customers, which staff then have to explain. This is one of the reasons that our clients would like to be able to provide this facility to non-residents."

Additionally, the parent company, currently known as No.12 Hotel Ltd, has also applied for a change of name to No.12 Hotels Ltd.

This variation will also be discussed at the meeting on Thursday.