CONCERNS have been raised about a dangerous junction in Prestonpans which has been described as an "accident waiting to happen".

The junction can be confusing for motorists, especially at night, when road markings on the ground are less clear.

It is situated at the northern end of Schaw Road as it reaches Longdykes Road and Appin Drive.

Schaw Road continues at an almost-90-degree angle onto Longdykes Road, while Appin Drive, directly opposite the end of Schaw Road, has 'give way' road markings.

Incidents have been highlighted to Prestonpans Community Council in which cars exiting Appin Drive have been ignoring the 'give way' sign, increasing the danger of a serious accident.

DJ Johnston-Smith, chair of the community council, noted that members had raised the issue last autumn and hoped that East Lothian Council would address residents' concerns.

He said: "One of our members raised the community council's serious ongoing concerns about traffic and pedestrian safety at this junction with council officers in autumn 2022.

"We have been assured that there will be a detailed survey of road usage there at some point soon, but are still awaiting further updates about this.

"Recent social media posts that have described vehicles travelling at speed through the 'give way' at the top of Appin Drive only emphasise the potential accident waiting to happen there.

"We hope this will prove the necessary call-to-action for the council before something more serious occurs in this predominantly residential neighbourhood of our town."

East Lothian Council acknowledged that issues with the junction had been raised with officials and that a "review of the priorities of the junction" was set to take place.

A council spokesperson added: "We have been contacted about the junction and it’s on our programme of works to undertake a review of the priorities at the junction.

"We would hope to undertake this within the next few months."