An electric vehicle charging hub could be provided at a Musselburgh petrol station.

The Motor Fuel Group has applied to East Lothian Council for planning consent to install eight EV charging points at Fisherrow Service Station on Edinburgh Road.

A planning supporting statement, issued on behalf of the company, said that an area to the west of the site, currently occupied by handheld jet wash equipment, would be converted into the EV hub, with new parking spaces under a canopy.

Each space would have a single charging upstand with capacity for one vehicle each.

The upstands would be 150kW rates – capable of charging a vehicle for an average time of around 40 minutes.

The jet wash facilities would be relocated slightly north of the site, with two new jet wash bays with glazed enclosures installed.

A substation to provide power to the chargers would be placed there with a protective enclosure around it to “enhance health and safety outcomes and prevent trespassing”.

The supporting statement said the EV hub would “marginally” encroach onto a large area of overgrown meadow grass at the site, which is “informally” used by dog walkers.

The footprint of the spaces and canopy is large enough to overhang the green space, it added.

Landscaping to the remaining area of open space is planned to offset any impact for the loss of space, including new planting of native and local species, selected to “enhance” biodiversity and the appearance of the area.