An art exhibition celebrating the work of people who have battled through advertsiy is coming to North Berwick.

The ‘Art of the Possible’ exhibition features the works of local artists Ali Blevins, Nat Spring, Bernadette Petrie and Nicky Stannage, who have all found new meaning through art following difficult moments in their lives.

Ali Blevins was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2017 and started her painting journey shortly after her diagnosis, at first as a type of physiotherapy to aid with her loss of motor skills.

The North Berwick artist said: “I thought I was going to lose everything but ended up finding so much more.

“Most of all, I’ve learned not to wait – because you never know what life will bring.”

Nat Spring suffered a severe brain injury in 2017 that left him with permanent concussion symptoms and cognitive fatigue but photography has helped him focus on what he can achieve rather than what he cannot.

Nat said: “Photography has given me the path out of the darkness of my condition and enabled me to dream again.”

Nicky Stannage’s life was changed when an asthma attack nearly claimed her life, leaving her with painful and debilitating side effects that made her dependent on others.

This led to anger and depression but she said that art had “brought meaning back” into her life.

She added: “Art soothes my physical pain and makes me feel useful again. It’s brought meaning back into my life.”

Bernadette Petrie spent two periods of her life in a psychiatric hospital and art gave her the chance to heal.

She said: “By surrendering to what shows up in my art, I have made peace with challenges from the past and accept what is here and now.”

The public will be able to hear the artists’ stories and see their work at St Andrew Blackadder Church.

The exhibition opens today (Friday) with a private viewing; tomorrow it is open to the public from 10am to 6pm.