TWIN sisters are celebrating double success at this year's awards ceremony at Musselburgh Grammar School.

Dayle and Kerra Stewart, aged 16, both received awards in National 4 Computing Science and National 4 English respectively.

Simen Holm, fundraising and communications manager at the Musselburgh-based Bridges Project, which the twins have been attending, said this would have seemed "quite unimaginable" only a few months ago as they were recovering from Covid-19.

He added that the sisters, from Musselburgh, had "significantly fallen behind" with school as they were suffering from long Covid after contracting the virus.

As they returned to school after their "prolonged absence," they both started experiencing "serious anxiety," he added.

He said that it was at this point Dayle and Kerra, who were also "struggling with dyslexia and numeracy respectively," were referred to the Bridges Project.

They started working with Employability Support Worker Mhairi Kiernan, funded by the East Lothian One Council Partnership, in August.

In the two months the twins have been working with Ms Kiernan, they have been focusing on personal development and participated in group activities.

Both teenagers have found this "highly beneficial," said Mr Holm.

"It’s given me a lot more confidence in myself," said Dayle.

Kerra shares her sister’s sentiment, adding: "It has helped me to become more confident and have higher self-esteem."

The awards they received were another "major boost to their confidence," said Mr Holm.

"I was shocked at first when I received it but I was also very thrilled," said Dayle.

"I’m very proud of myself," Kerra added.

Ms Kiernan is also very proud of the teenagers.

She said: "I have been working with the girls weekly for a few months and I am so proud at how far they have come in this short time.

"Their confidence and self-esteem have grown and both are working hard to get to where they want to be.

"Their determination and commitment has been acknowledged by receiving these awards, showing them what they are capable of. I can’t wait to see what they achieve in the years to come."

Dayle and Kerra will continue working with Ms Kiernan to look at skills identification and career exploration in order to decide on whether they want to stay on for sixth year at school or if they want to proceed to college.

However, university is the girls’ ultimate goal.

"I want to go to university and do something in psychology," said Dayle.

Kerra would also like to follow the psychology path at university.

"I want do something in psychology and then work from there," she said.

Both Dayle and Kerra have also expressed an interest in becoming Young Ambassadors for Bridges Project in Bogpark Road.