North Berwick’s new skatepark is closer to becoming a reality after a build start date was announced for next March.

The plan has been headed up by North Berwick Community Skatepark project – a group dedicated to sourcing funding to bring a first-class facility to the town – and the group has now confirmed that 80 per cent of the funding is in place.

Following a period of consultation, finalised plans for the design have also been revealed, showing residents how the new facility will look.

The design has been proposed by Concreate Skateparks, a Grangemouth-based firm with more than 20 years’ experience in developing “innovative and creative skatepark terrain”.

A new skatepark has been in the works since the indoor skatepark at the SPACE closed in 2015, with the existing outdoor facility at Recreation Park “not fit for purpose”.

North Berwick Community Skatepark project has sourced funding from local groups across the town and beyond, such as sportscotland, to bring its vision within touching distance of becoming reality.

The £140,000 project will replace the Recreation Park skatepark and aims to create a more enjoyable and dynamic experience for skaters and scooter riders.

Lewis Houghton, chair of North Berwick Community Skatepark, said: “We have received tremendous support and enthusiasm from residents and generous sponsorship from both local and national funders.

“With 80 per cent funding now in place, we have set a start date for the build of March 2023 and between now and then we will continue to raise the remaining monies needed.”

The final design was reached after a consultation period with current users and those backing the proposal, and Mr Houghton hoped it would prove top class for those of all abilities while creating a safe community space for all who used it.

He added: “This is very much a community-focussed project. The design and layout of the new skatepark is the result of consulting with and listening to what those who currently use the facility and those keen to start using the park wanted.

“We used their ideas and wishes and have been able, alongside our professional designer, to create a much more fun, flexible, safer, up-to-date facility that will be suitable for those starting out and for honing the skills and progression of the more experienced children, teens and adults. The new design will work for those on skateboards, rollerblades, bikes and scooters, and will last for years to come.”

East Lothian MSP Paul McLennan visited North Berwick to learn more and give the project his backing.

He said: “It’s encouraging to see community projects like this in action.

“I’m sure this will be a very welcome addition to the town’s recreational facilities and I’m delighted to offer my support in whatever way I can.”