NORTH Berwick High School (NBHS) has hosted its prizegiving evening to celebrate the achievements of current S5 and S6 pupils, alongside those who recently left the school.

The event took place recently and saw students honoured across all subject categories, along with special awards for achievements that resonated with the school’s values.

Matthew Santos received the highest academic prize of dux, while five additional students were awarded proxime accessit due to the “outstanding attainment” of the student cohort.

Michelle Moore, NBHS headteacher, congratulated all the winners and thanked everyone for a special night that honoured the school’s ethos.

She said: “Our senior prizegiving was a joyful and welcome opportunity to recognise the achievements of our current S5 and S6 (when in S4 and S5) and those S6 young people who have recently left NBHS.

“Of particular note is the dux medallist, Matthew Santos, and due to their outstanding academic attainment, the necessity to have five proxime accessit winners this year – Catrin Hughes, Issy Ashall, Lilia Villarreal-Forrest, Maja Thomson and Owen Malcolm.

“Will Lucas-Evans provided the evening’s first musical piece – his version of Fly Me To The Moon – which had the audience enraptured.

“Bethany Willis was the recipient of the Jessie Turner Award for Service to School Music and the Rebecca Dalgleish Award for Special Endeavour, and enthralled the audience with the second musical number of the evening – her version of Arioso on violin, accompanied on piano by her father.

“We were delighted to award Katie Lennock the Parent Council Award for Service to School Sport and Poppy Fletcher the North Berwick Community Council Award for Service to the Community – their contributions in these fields very much demonstrate our NBHS values.

“Susan Martin received the PTA Award for Service to the School and is now pursuing a career in primary teaching, which all at NBHS feel she will be brilliant at.

“Eliz Cetingoz received the Niall Anderson Live for the Moment Award – with her ‘can do’ spirit at the fore.

“Sam Cowan was the recipient of the Andy Brown Memorial Award, sharing the same affection for music paired with a creative soul, just like Andy himself.”

A parent commented: “I just wanted to thank you and your staff for putting on the senior prizegiving event – it was such a lovely occasion!

“It was so lovely to come to such a warm and welcoming event.”

East Lothian Courier: Matthew Santos, Dux Medallist and subject prizewinner for Higher Physics, Higher Chemistry, Higher Mathematics and Higher Engineering Science.Matthew Santos, Dux Medallist and subject prizewinner for Higher Physics, Higher Chemistry, Higher Mathematics and Higher Engineering Science.

Special Awards

Jessie Turner Award for Service to School Music – Bethany Willis.

Parent Council Award for Service to School Sport – Katie Lennock.

PTA Award for Service to the School – Susan Martin.

Hunter Award for Excellence in Drama – Amy Broome.

Rebecca Dalgleish Award for Special Endeavour – Bethany Willis.

North Berwick Community Council Award for Service to the Community – Poppy Fletcher.

Niall Anderson Award Live for the Moment – Eliz Centigoz.

Andy Brown Memorial – Sam Cowan.

Dux of the School 2022 – Matthew Santos.

Proxime Accessit Award – Catrin Hughes, Issy Ashall, Lilia Villarreal-Forrest, Maja Thomson, Owen Malcolm.

S4 subject awards

Erin Lennock – Physical Education National 5.

Orla Struthers – Physical Education National 5.

Lily Ford – Physical Education Special Achievement.

Heather Greenhorn – Administration & IT National.

Rosie Gurney – Drama National 5.

Rebecca Hamilton – Drama Special Achievement.

Matilda Devison – Geography National 5.

Lily-Rose Aitken – Biology Special Achievement.

Lexi Tice – English Special Achievement.

Gabriella Santos – English Special Achievement.

Callum Masson – Physics National 5.

Eva Scott – Physics Special Achievement.

Katie Beveridge – Mathematics Special Achievement.

Lilia Hookway – Spanish National 5.

Connor McCarthy – Modern Studies National 5.

Aaron Adams – Engineering Science National 5.

Max Allan – Engineering Science Special Achievement.

Callum Perry – Mathematics National 5.

Oliver Stevens – Design & Manufacture National 5.

Ben Hay – Design & Manufacture National 5.

Lauren Small – Design & Manufacture Special Achievement.

Isla Johnston – Graphic Communication National 5.

Robin Hutchison – Business Management National 5.

Toby Pult – German National 5.

Molly Maclean – French National 5.

Isla Johnston – History National 5.

Ava Towner – Art & Design National 5.

Rebecca Hamilton – Art & Design Special Achievement.

Will Lucas-Evans – Music National 5.

JJ Wallace – Practical Woodwork Special Achievement.

Ruby Clark – Health & Food Technology National 5.

Melissa Mather – Health & Food Technology Special Achievement.

East Lothian Courier: Maja Thomson, who is one of this year’s Head Pupils, and the subject prizewinner for Higher BiologyMaja Thomson, who is one of this year’s Head Pupils, and the subject prizewinner for Higher Biology

S4 Certificates of Merit for Academic Achievement

Aaron Adams, Lily-Rose Aitken, Eddie Allan, Matthew Allan, Max Allan, Perry Angel, Alfie Auld, Sam Baird, Louise Bateman, Poppy Bell, Katie Beveridge, Ailis Black, Eloise Bouglet, Tommy Broome, Elena Callander, Katie Campbell, Imogen Capaldi, Morven Cavers, Keanne Charles, Ben Churn, Ruby Clark, Jack Collingswood, Joshua Cowley, Amy Crummey, Ella Davidson, Matilda Devison, Morven Dignan, Ed Duncan, Anna Duncan, Harry Dunkinson, Luke Edwards, Sam Edwards, Robbie Entwistle, Rory Ferrier, Orla Fitzpatrick, Megan Flockhart, Millie Forbes, Maddie Gleeson, Amelia Gray, Heather Greenhorn, Rosie Gurney, Grace Hamilton, Ben Hay, Romy Hegarty, Adam Helberg-Curran, Nikki Henderson, Annie Herd, Lilia Hookway, Joe Hunter, Robin Hutchison, Dante Jackman, Iqra Javed, Caitlin John, Niamh John, Isla Johnston, Sofia King, Duncan Law, Hannah Lawley, Lucia Lawson, Elias Leadley, Cameron Lee, Erin Lennock, Daniel Livingstone, Anna Logan, Aimee Lothian, Thomas Lucas, Will Lucas-Evans, Andrew Macaskill, Ella MacCulloch, Tom Mackay, Molly MacLean, Ellis Marriott, Callum Masson, Jamie Maxwell Knape, Thomas McCarter, Connor McCarthy, Scott McEwan-Ness, Cameron McIntyre, Jamie McKenna, Euan McKerron, Fin McIlwraith, Calum McNeil, Rory Meikle, Jennifer Milne, Rosie Morrey, Jack Parker, Callum Perry, Toby Ralph, Emily Ruxton, Finn Ryan, Gabriella Santos, Daniel Schmitt, Ava Scott, Eva Scott, Louis Sinclair, Ben Slater, Lauren Small, Anna Smart, Alex Smith, Tom Stirling, Orla Struthers, Iona Syme, Lucy Thomas, Ava Towner, Oscar Tremlett, Seamus Tunnock, Angus Waddell, Andrew Welch, Erin Wemyss, Rose Willcock, Finlay Wright.

S5 subject awards

Lily Robertson – Modern Studies Higher.

Alexander Bradley – Modern Studies Special Achievement.

Jennifer Williamson – Geography Higher.

Emma Guy – Art & Design Higher.

Matthew Santos – Physics Higher.

Dylan Catchpole – Chemistry Special Achievement.

Catrin Hughes – Human Biology Higher.

Amy Easson – English Higher.

Jasper Cottrell – History Higher.

Emily Kinnie – History Special Achievement.

Roddy Tait – German Higher.

Zuzia Olesiejuk – German Special Achievement.

Annela Kennedy-Darke – Music Special Achievement.

Ava Sweeney – Drama Higher.

Maja Thomson – Biology Higher.

Issy Ashall – Business Management Higher.

Jonathan Mostyn – Psychology Higher.

Ethan Brown – Psychology Special Achievement.

Will Lucas-Evans – French Higher.

Zuzia Olesiejuk – Spanish Higher.

Alice Smith – Health & Food Technology Higher.

William Wilkins – Applications of Mathematics National 5.

Florence Hall – Applications of Mathematics Special Achievement.

Lara Buntin – Practical Woodwork National 5.

Lucy Hookway – French Advanced Higher.

S5 Certificates of Merit for Academic Achievement

Sophia Amis, Issy Ashall, Freddie Askham, Jo Jo Askham, Oliver Bonnington, Alexander Bradley, Amy Broome, Jasper Cottrell, Isabella Davis, Amy Easson, Benji Edmondson, Oliver Feria-Yates, Sophie Frost, Jamie Goodall, Alex Grant, Catrin Hughes, Finlay Jack, Murdo Jardine, Emily Kinnie, Eve Kirkland, Robert Lambert, Ben Leslie, Jack Lucas, Joe Lumsden, Lucy Maclellan, Joe MacPherson, Owen Malcolm, Ava Manson, Skye McKay, Gilbert McLelland, Cameron McVey, Pluto Miller, Rosie Munro, Jamie Murray, Katie Napier, Mackenzie Notley, David O’Brien, Zuzia Olesiejuk, Calum Paxton, Lily Robertson, Matthew Santos, Korbin Sharp, Jaiden Smith, Oliver Stevens, Ava Sweeney, Ben Tait, Roddy Tait, Bertie Thomas, Jo Thomas, Maja Thomson, Lilia Villarreal-Forrest, Alice Walter, Owen Wardell, Hayden Way, William Wilkins, Jennifer Williamson, Poppy Wilson, Cameron Wise.

S6 subject awards

Daniel Scott – Modern Studies Advanced Higher.

Dido Knoben – German Advanced Higher.

Ellen Maslen – Biology Advanced Higher.

Thomas Hart – Chemistry Advanced Higher.

Gregor Roden – Art & Design Advanced Higher.

Jack Agarwala – Graphic Communication Advanced Higher.

Jason Lovell – Music Advanced Higher.

Thomas Jeffery – History Advanced Higher.

Reuben Harris – Physics Advanced Higher.

Bridget Harley – Geography Advanced Higher.

Mary Jane Morris – Practical Cake Craft National 5.

Aiden Gaffney – Practical Cake Craft Special Achievement.

Gregor Roden – Graphic Communication Higher.

Calum Reville – Graphic Communication Special Achievement.

Lucas Ireland – Administration & IT Higher.

Ava Smith – Administration & IT Special Achievement.

Ellen Maslen – Geography Special Achievement.

Aiden Gaffney – Business Management Higher.

Bethany Willis – Music Higher.

Innes Donachie – Economics Higher.

Iona Stewart – Psychology National 5.