Parking restrictions at the Brunton Hall in Musselburgh have been tightened up in a bid to stop indiscriminate parking.

East Lothian Council is also set to remove double yellow lines on the residential side of North High Street, at the back of the Brunton Hall, to allow motorists to park.

A council spokesperson said: “In recent months there have been a number of complaints from Brunton Hall concerning indiscriminate parking to the rear of the building, which recently has included vehicles blocking fire exits and loading bays.

“This area is double lined but unfortunately drivers are not observing this so we have now placed advisory signs, and vehicles parked incorrectly this week will receive an advisory notice, and enforcement with Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued from next week. 

“Double yellow lines on the residential side behind the Brunton will be removed to provide additional parking for residents and visitors as required.”