A NORTH Berwick man who carried out a homophobic attack on two women failed to attend court for his sentencing.

Finlay MacDonald, Lime Grove, was due to be sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court after he had pleaded guilty to six offences last month.

But when the case called at the court on Monday, Sheriff Donald Corke was told he was not in attendance and there was no reason for his absence. The sheriff issued a non-appearance warrant for MacDonald’s immediate apprehension.

Previously, the court heard that the 26-year-old had made offensive remarks to the two women and had followed them to a property on the town’s Lochbridge Road on August 12 last year.

While there, MacDonald repeatedly attempted to assault the women by spitting at them while he also made sexual comments to them including references of rape.

The court was told MacDonald refused to leave the property when asked and continued to make homophobic comments while also punching and headbutting the front door of the home.

MacDonald admitted six offences including behaving in a threatening or abusive manner, assaulting the women, making homophobic and sexual comments to them and attempting to force entry to the property.