ALL tickets for the annual Guy Fawkes fireworks display at Musselburgh Racecourse were snapped up within a few hours of being made available.

The free event – run jointly with the Musselburgh Common Good Fund and the racecourse – will see up to 6,000 local residents enjoy a spectacular celebration on Saturday, November 5.

The racecourse said the tickets went live on the racecourse website on October 6 and were available to residents who live in the EH21 postcode in accordance with the Common Good Fund’s objective of providing a non-profit event for local people.

Fairground rides, a selection of street food operators and music provided by popular Radio Forth presenter Boogie, will add to the festivities.

East Lothian Courier: Musselburgh Fireworks. Photo: Angus Bathgate.Musselburgh Fireworks. Photo: Angus Bathgate.

Musselburgh Racecourse general manager, Bill Farnsworth, said: “We are looking to build on the great success of last year’s Guy Fawkes fireworks event which was widely regarded as a fantastic community event.

“With funding provided by the Musselburgh Common Good Fund and the racecourse providing a financial contribution and free use of our facilities and personnel, we are delighted to be partners in what is a much-anticipated autumn highlight.

“If anyone has secured a ticket for the fireworks display and finds that they no longer need it, they should contact the racecourse to allow the ticket to be re-issued to another EH21 resident.”

A grant of £25,000 was set aside from the Musselburgh Common Good Fund for the fireworks this year.

East Lothian Courier: Musselburgh Fireworks. Photo: Angus Bathgate.Musselburgh Fireworks. Photo: Angus Bathgate.

It is understood that the value of the cash donation and use of facilities and staff costs from the racecourse are estimated to be £15,000.

The Musselburgh Common Good Fund is administered by a committee made up of the town’s four councillors.

Common Good Funds in Scotland originated in the 15th century and are the assets and income of some former Burghs. They represent a substantial portfolio of land, property and investments and by law continue to exist for the common good of the inhabitants of the former Burghs to which they relate.

Councillor Cher Cassini, ward member, said: “I’m glad there’s going to be a display. I know that some people are frustrated at how quickly the tickets went for a place inside the racecourse to watch the display. However, the great thing about fireworks is that they are easily seen from a fair distance!

“I know that some may grumble at the cost during a time of such difficulty but, sometimes, folks just need a wee bit of cheer.

“I would prefer silent fireworks myself as I know that firework noise can be upsetting. I would like to see a move to using silent fireworks in future and will look into whether this would be possible for future displays.”

Councillor Andy Forrest, ward member, commented: “I am more than happy that the fireworks are going ahead. It stops people from going to buy fireworks for their back garden for say £20 and, in three minutes or so, it’s gone. The tickets for the event were taken up in about four hours after they became available, and there will be shows and food stalls but people can still get a prime site to watch the fireworks. It is something that the town looks forward to.”