CONCERNS have been raised about the “damage” left by contractors in Prestonpans.

Scottish Water has been carrying out works across the town for several months, digging up pavements and grass verges while uprooting some trees.

The works are taking place from Bankton Terrace to Mid Road, falling within parts of the town’s conservation area, while some mature trees are at risk as the works continue, it has been claimed.

Deep trenches have been dug throughout the area and it has been claimed that they have been left unattended for significant periods of time as contractors leave the site, potentially leaving lasting damage to exposed tree roots.

Residents have also claimed that tidying-up work has been done poorly, with large patches of compacted cement left on grass areas, while it has been claimed that none of the spring bulbs have been replaced properly.

East Lothian Courier: Verges on Mid Road have been left damaged. Picture: Alan WilsonVerges on Mid Road have been left damaged. Picture: Alan Wilson

Grass seeding has also been placed haphazardly in the repaired areas, it has been claimed, and only some patches are starting to grow back.

DJ Johnston-Smith, chair of Prestonpans Community Council, has called for more stringent controls on contractors who have “defaced and damaged” parts of the town’s conservation area.

He said: “As a community council, we naturally welcome the investment in and upgrading of our necessary residential infrastructure.

“However, it is becoming increasingly clear from the scarred and pock-marked pavements and the defaced and damaged grass verges and mature trees that we are witnessing in parts of Prestonpans after contractors depart that much more stringent controls and post-project mitigation measures need to be enforced and monitored by council officers.

“The last few years have taught us more than ever how important our local townscapes are to our collective wellbeing.

“This failure to reverse damage done to our public streets and thoroughfares must be addressed as soon as possible.”

East Lothian Courier: Some of the works as they took place several months ago - Prestonpans Community CouncilSome of the works as they took place several months ago - Prestonpans Community Council

Scottish Water acknowledged the issues raised by worried residents and assured them that further reinstatement work would take place.

A Scottish Water spokesperson said: “Scottish Water would like to thank the community for bringing these concerns about the reinstatement to our attention.

“Our teams still have some work to do in this area over the coming weeks and, once complete, will carry out further reinstatement work.”

A spokesperson for East Lothian Council added: “The council works closely with utility companies and a range of contractors to ensure road and footway works are reinstated to a statutory standard.

“There is a two-year guarantee period for all their work, meaning that they are required to return and fix any issues within this time period.

“The roads team inspect such works on completion and in general find that reinstatements works undertaken do comply and, where defects have been identified, the contractor is notified to resolve them as soon as possible.”