As the summer ends and we move into autumn, now is a great time to start wrapping up and enjoying a crisp morning walk along some of the most scenic coastal routes in East Lothian.

Yesterday marked the end of roasting weather and a move towards longer nights, scattered leaves and fuzzy hats. 

To help you get out and enjoy those autumn colours, we’ve put together a list of some of the region’s best seasonal walking routes for everyone

4 – Aberlady Bay Local Nature Reserve 

With established routes and paths across the reserve, this autumn walk takes you towards the beach and provides a longer stroll for those wanting an adventure. 

The area is currently undergoing a management plan to ensure the site remains sustainable for years to come. 

3 – Dunbar 

East Lothian Courier: Breweruk/Tripadvisor Ruins of Dunbar CastleBreweruk/Tripadvisor Ruins of Dunbar Castle (Image: Breweruk/Tripadvisor)

Dunbar’s seasfront has dozens of monuments and historical attractions to keep you interested this autumn! 

Dunbar Castle, which was sieged by Longshanks in the 14th Century, towers above the town. There is also the Dunbar battery and various café' and shops for when you want to take a break from the chilly weather and warm up. 

2 – John Muir Country Park 

Located on a beautiful stretch of coastline, John Muir Country Park can be enjoyed by natural history enthusiasts and the family! 

The Country Park is a great place to catch glimpses of Scotland’s autumn wildlife, plants, and habitats this season. 

1 – North Berwick  

East Lothian Courier: Tracy B/Tripadvisor The Bass RockTracy B/Tripadvisor The Bass Rock (Image: Tracy B/Tripadvisor)

The seaside town of North Berwick is pact to the brim with things to see and do. It's beaches provide an excellent autumn walk for those wanting to experience the town’s lovely atmosphere and its many attractions. 

Along the walk, travellers can stumble across the Scottish Seabird Centre, step into an ancient chapel and be able to view the Bass Rock, a one-time Jacobite prison. 

What is the autumn equinox? 

A solar Equinox is a moment in time when the Sun crosses the Earth’s equator, covering the northern and southern hemisphere with an equal amount of sunlight. 

This makes the sun appear ‘due west’ and ‘due east’ in an event that happens twice a year. 

When is the autumn equinox? 

The first equinox of 2022 occurred on March 20 while the second equinox occurs on Friday September 23.