A GIFFORD teenager is concerned that his cat may have been deliberately poisoned with antifreeze after he had to be put down.

Declan Longmuir, 16, lives on Walden Terrace with his partner and rushed his 11-month-old cat Tigger to Gordon Vets in Musselburgh after he became seriously ill earlier this month.

Vets told him that the cat was likely poisoned with antifreeze and he was later put down.

Declan told the Courier: “We noticed some behavioural changes in Tigger early on in the week, he looked depressed and was less active than he usually is.

“A few days later, we got really concerned because he was just stiff, he looked like he was in a lot of pain.

“We took him to Gordon Vets in Musselburgh and they told us that the smell on his breath was common with antifreeze poisoning and they wanted to keep him in overnight.

East Lothian Courier: 11-month-old Tigger was put down after he was suspected to have suffered from antifreeze poisoning

“We took him to the Edinburgh PDSA Pet Hospital for a second opinion and they said putting him down was the most humane option because of the pain he was in.

“We decided in the end that the best thing for him was to have him put to sleep, it didn’t seem fair to leave him in that pain.”

The toxic component of antifreeze is called ethylene glycol and has a sweet taste, making it attractive to animals like cats. As such, it has become a common method used to intentionally poison cats.

Declan said that he had no idea why someone would have done this to his cat; he said that some neighbours had complained about his pet going to the toilet in their garden but not to the extent to make him worry for Tigger’s safety.

He said: “We’ve had people complain about the cats going to the toilet in their garden and I understand that can be annoying.

“But I’ve always said that while I can’t stop him going to the toilet in the garden, if they let me know I’d come and pick it up myself.

“I’m just concerned that this could happen to other cats in the area.

“Tigger was such a sweet little guy and he never even made it to a year old.

“We have another cat who’s been missing for about four weeks now and more local cats are starting to disappear around the place.

“A friend on the next street has had her cat missing for about five weeks now and we’re worried that it’s all connected.”

East Lothian Courier: Declan Longmuir, 16, is concerned for the safety of other animals after his cat Tigger suffered from antifreeze poisoning

Declan Longmuir, 16, is concerned for the safety of other animals after his cat Tigger suffered from antifreeze poisoning

Declan contacted police about what had happened but said that unfortunately nothing could be done at this stage.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Officers were called to the Walden Terrace area of Gifford, East Lothian around midday on Thursday, September 8, following a report of a cat having been poisoned.

“An examination by vets found that the animal had been poisoned and it was put to sleep.

“No arrests have been made and officers have followed all lines of investigation currently available.

“However, any further information relating to the incidents will be followed up.”

Declan said that he hoped that something like this never happened to anyone else in the area.

He said: “When you’re in the vet room knowing that the cat is being put to sleep, it’s just heart-breaking.

“To have seen this happen is just the worst feeling in the world and I don’t want anyone else to have to go through that.”