A COUNTY dog owner has called for police to take action after alleging that his pet has been attacked on numerous occasions by another dog.

David Elder, 34, was outside art gallery Greens and Blues on North Berwick High Street last week when his 12-year-old German shepherd appeared to be lunged at by a black Labrador.

The incident was captured on the gallery's CCTV footage and shows the owner of the Labrador with the dog off the lead as it hurtles towards David and his dog.

Speaking to the Courier, David urged something to be done before someone or their dog got seriously hurt.

"This is the fifth time this dog has attacked my dog," he claimed.

"The first time it happened, we never caught it on any sort of CCTV; the second time it happened was in 2018 outside the Golfers Rest [pub].

'It shouldn't have to get attacked'

"And then we had this incident the other day where I was standing in the street – my dog is getting old and on the Tuesday there he had a bit of a stroke and a fit and I thought that was his last day, and on the Thursday this happened.

"Everyone says 'you have a German shepherd and he has a Lab' but it doesn't matter what kind of dog it is, it shouldn't have to get attacked in the street."

David, who was raised in North Berwick but now lives at East Fortune, has reported the previous incidents to the police but claims "nothing has been done".

He said that the incidents had forced him to change the way he walked his dog, being forced to remain vigilant at all time in case the Labrador appeared.

He added: "I can't walk off the lead now and he's always on edge. Anytime my dog sees a black Lab he tenses up and he thinks he's going to get attacked.

"This obviously affects our quality of life as I can't exactly walk about the street with him off the lead.

"It's got the point where I'm fed up of it now – I should be able to stand in the street with my dog."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: "Officers were called to a report of an out-of-control dog on High Street, North Berwick, around 11.15am on Thursday, September 15.

"The incident was investigated and the local dog warden has been made aware."

The Courier has made an attempt to contact the Labrador's owner.