A 101-YEAR-OLD man from Ormiston says he’s not about to stop growing flowers after his success at this year’s East Lothian Horticultural Society show.

Alex Swanston, a great-grandfather, has lived in the village since he was a toddler and was one of several winners of all ages at this year’s show.

He started competing in the show, held in Haddington, in 1975 and has won awards on several occasions, including at last year’s show.

This year, he came out on top in the chrysanthemums classes.

Alex, a retired miner, said: “I’ve lived in Ormiston since I was two years old.

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“I don’t know anybody in the place now, they’re all strangers to me.

“I’ve been growing flowers since 1975 and I’ve won many times. I’m very pleased that I won this year.”

Alex was particularly happy with this year’s win because chrysanthemums are his favourite flower to grow.

He also enters Ormiston Flower Show every year and was gifted a handmade planter by the Ormiston Blooms Together group for his landmark 100th birthday in January last year.

At 101, Alex has seen 21 Prime Ministers in office in his lifetime, five monarchs sit on the throne and born witness to historic inventions from sliced bread to the internet.

But despite his age, Alex didn’t hesitate when asked if he would be returning to the flower show next year, saying he would definitely be going back again.

He said: “If I’m still here, I’ll be going back next year; I like going along and seeing all the flowers.

“I go every year and never miss a show.”