DISCUSSIONS over how East Saltoun could look in the future will take place next week.

Previous proposals to extend the village were shelved.

Now, ahead of East Lothian Council’s review of its Local Development Plan (LDP), the possibility of new homes in the village is again being explored.

A drop-in event has been arranged from 2.30pm to 7.30pm on Tuesday at the village’s Fletcher Hall.

Residents can talk to Hamilton Farming Enterprises Ltd (HFEL) and their consultant team, Urban Animation and Fraser Livingstone Architects.

Richard Heggie of Urban Animation said: “This is an important opportunity for people to have their say on the issues facing East Saltoun.

“Whether it’s local services, housing opportunities, transport links or other points, I hope everyone will drop in and let us know what they think about living and working in the village and its surroundings.”

Damage the village

A previous proposal on HFEL land for a large housing development to the south-east of East Saltoun proved unpopular.

It was removed from the current LDP on the grounds it would damage the character of the village.

As the main local landowner, HFEL is seeking to work with residents to understand how it can help secure LDP proposals that deliver the best outcome for the village.

Locally, the Saltoun Community Association has been seeking to replace the Fletcher Hall, which is in a poor condition.

The village shop is currently unoccupied and the garage on Main Street has closed.

There are few new opportunities for housing locally but a need to maintain important local services such as Saltoun Primary School.

Niven Simpson, of HFEL, said: “We look forward to hearing the concerns and hopes of residents, some of which we understand to be the retention of local services.

“We’d like to develop a more productive relationship and understanding of the community and how we might work together more effectively.”