A Haddington woman returned home to find her Audi had been damaged, with the windscreen smashed and scratches across the front of the car.

Diana McLuckie, 56, returned to her home on Hope Park Crescent in Haddington at midnight on Sunday (September 18) to find the car heavily damaged.

She at first thought it was a targeted attack, but after discovering several neighbours had also suffered damages to their vehicles, she concluded that they were just one of the unlucky ones who had their vehicles damaged.

She said: “The police came within about ten minutes of me calling because they were really concerned so I can’t fault them.

“I had messaged all the neighbours during the night and discovered that it happened around 11.15pm on Sunday night.

“One of my neighbours said they saw about five youths, and one was definitely a female running up and down the street.

“I’m just so annoyed that youngsters can cause so much damage and inconvenience to people, it’s terrible.

“It’s sad because the bottom line is that the parents should be taking responsibility for these kids.

“At that time at night they should be at home in their bed, not out causing havoc. I know it wasn’t a school night because of the holiday but they still shouldn’t be out at that time.

“I just hope that the police can find something to uncover who did it and that the appropriate action is taken against them.

“But ultimately it lies with the parents, they need to take responsibility for their children’s actions and stop this happening again.

“I was speaking to my husband last night and he was telling me that the streets were totally quiet by 10pm.

“I think that’s because people are scared, they’re scared to leave their homes at night because they don’t know what they might face.”

Diana shared a number of images of the cars on social media which show the extent of the damage to vehicles on Hope Park Crescent and Hopetoun Drive.

One neighbour said his 23-year-old son’s red Mercedes was also damaged during the night and that he was facing hundreds of pounds in insurance claims.

He said: “We never heard anything during the night which I’m surprised at because I sleep on the near side to where it happened.

“My son got up to go to work in the morning and found it with a garden slab left on the windscreen.

“We also thought initially that he had been targeted until we heard about the other damaged vehicles in the area.

“He’s going to be looking at hundreds of pounds in an insurance claim which is not something anybody wants.

“He’s spoken to police and they’re looking into it but unless they get some pictures or some other evidence, I’m not sure what they can do.

“When you see that they’ve used a slab like that, there’s definitely planning went into doing it and clear intent to cause damage.

“If it is a group of young people who’ve done it, they’re not going to have money to pay damages even if they get caught.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Around 12.25am on Monday, 19 September 2022, officers received a report of damage to a vehicle on Hope Park Crescent, Haddington.

“Enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”