Crew members of the North Berwick RNLI have rescued two people who were washed onto the rocks at North Berwick Harbour after their boat capsized in breaking waves.

The incident occurred at 10.09am on Friday with the crew receiving reports that a dinghy had found itself in trouble in fairway off North Berwick’s shoreline.

Two people were washed onto the rocks beneath the harbour wall, being forced to climb to safety where crew members checked them for injuries before retrieving the overturned vessel.

The crew said on Facebook: “Lifeboat launched at 10.09am to reports of two people in the water after their sailing dinghy capsized in breaking waves in the fairway, North Berwick.

“As our volunteers were kitting up, they were informed that the casualty vessel and crew had been washed onto the rocks below the harbour wall, with the two casualties climbing to safety.

“The crew checked them over before launching to recover the vessel.

“The vessel had suffered significant damage and with large breaking waves in the fairway it was deemed unsafe to recover it to the beach, so it was secured to a mooring buoy until conditions improved.

“After the lifeboat had been stood down the mooring line parted and the vessel eventually washed up onshore to be recovered by its owners.

“North Berwick Coastguard Rescue Team were also in attendance.”

The crew reminded the public of the dangers of breaking waves and often accompanying rip currents.

The currents can easily sweep people off their feet and surfers, body boarders and swimmers are urged to stay within their depth, keep hold of their board and “float to live”.

In a coastal emergency the public should dial 999 and ask for coastguard.