NORTH Berwick’s museum is giving residents the chance to revisit the town’s medical past thanks to a unique new exhibit.

Coastal Communities Museum on School Road helps preserve the North Berwick Coastal ward’s heritage, with exhibits that celebrate the local area.

The newest item on show is a doctor’s bag which belonged to Dr Jean Walinck, the town’s GP from 1958 until 1990.

Dr Walinck was the third female GP to cover the town and became a much-loved member of the community.

The exhibit allows visitors to view some old medical tools and equipment while learning some stories about Dr Walinck’s time as a doctor in North Berwick.

A spokesperson for the museum highlighted the “different world” of the medical profession then.

She said: “When patients required to go to hospital, the doctor would often travel in the ambulance with them.

“Patients often didn’t have cars and nobody had mobile phones, so communication was often difficult.

“One day in the practice, Dr Walinck recalled fellow GP Dr Peter Keeling clearing out some of their old tools into the bin; she fished many of them out and we are thrilled that she did as a number of these feature in her bag.

“As well as finding out what is really stored in a doctor’s bag, the exhibit has some very interesting details and stories from Dr Walinck’s career.”