A new pétanque group hosted the first ever Volunteer Arms Pétanque Cup in Lauderdale Park.

Stuart McCombie, 65, started Dunbar Community Pétanque in April after moving to Dunbar three years ago.

The group, which meets every Tuesday and Thursday evening in Lauderdale Park, organised the competition, which was sponsored by The Volunteer Arms.

The final was between the Restless Natives and the Haddington Hopefuls, with the Haddington Hopefuls winning 13-7.

Peter Russell, captain of the Haddington Hopefuls, said: “It was a really well-organised event and a great thing for the community.

“Winning it was very unexpected, but we were really delighted.

“There were a lot of good players there and it was a long and full day as well, so it was not something we expected to achieve but we were very pleased that we did.”

Having newly moved to the area, Stuart saw the town as a good place to start his own pétanque community, which has proved popular with residents.

He said: “Because we’ve set up as a community facility, we’ve had hundreds of visitors come along to try out the sport over the last few months.

“It’s very much a participatory sport but, because of our location, we do get a lot of park visitors coming over to have a go.

“It’s great to see families with different generations, who have maybe just come to the park for a picnic, taking part in the sport.”

Having represented Scotland in pétanque in the past, Stuart hopes his experience will help grow the pétanque community in the area, building local interest and increasing participation.

The next competition the club is planning to hold will be an RNLI fundraiser, on Sunday, which will be a friendly competition to raise funds for the charity.

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