URI Geller has announced he will be setting up his own national football team, after declaring the Lamb as its own micronation, complete with logo, flag and anthem.

The Israeli illusionist purchased the island, off North Berwick, in 2009 for £30,000, with the belief it held a mystical connection with ancient Egypt and hidden buried treasure.

Mr Geller is now offering citizenship of the Lamb for $1, with all proceeds going to a charity for children with heart conditions in Israel.

Those new citizens will be eligible to play for the new ‘nation’s’ football team.

Mr Geller has described the island as “no ordinary place”, which deserves to have its own national identity.

Mr Geller said: “It’s as big as a football pitch. We’ll put up the goalposts and play with my logo.

“We have a flag, we have a constitution and we have an anthem.

“And now I’m going to have a football team.”

Geller’s link with football in Scotland is already infamous after he claimed to have moved the ball on Gary McAllister’s penalty against England in Euro 96.

He would also later claim to have helped Scotland advance to Euro 2020, ‘assisting’ in the penalty shootout against Serbia.