NOT content with having put her name to three UK number one albums, Sharleen Spiteri can now consider herself the patron saint of pufflings!

The lead singer of the band Texas warmed hearts at her Fringe by the Sea gig when not one but two juvenile puffins wandered into The Belhaven Big Top during her hour-and-a-half set.

The Bellshill-born singer urged audience members at the front to hand her the second lost seabird “so we can keep it safe”.

And there was an ocean of “awww”s from the 2,000-plus crowd when the huge screens at the side of the stage showed the baby bird nestled in the singer’s hands, before she handed it to a roadie to take backstage.

The touching moment just added to the warmth and positive energy in the tent on Saturday evening.

Following support act Midnight Ambulance – featuring North Berwick resident Fraser Fulton – the band kicked off with 1989 hit I Don’t Want A Lover, then rocked through a list of their greatest songs, including Halo, Black Eyed Boy and Say What You Want.

The audience sang along with gusto, energy in the tent building throughout the set before hitting a crescendo of elation when Sharleen finished her encore with a pounding rendition of Elvis Presley’s Suspicious Minds.

East Lothian Courier: Texas at Fringe by the Sea 2022

Texas at Fringe by the Sea 2022

But Texas fans were not just moved by the band’s perfectly produced set – after 32 years of playing around the world, Sharleen herself proved a hugely charismatic performer.

Her wry comments rich with expletives, the singer had the crowd in the palm of her hands.

When one male audience member shouted at her to “Gie it laldy!”, Sharleen responded: “Do I look like the sort of woman who does what a man tells her?”

The cheers from the crowd answered her question.

The gig was also briefly paused when an audience member became unwell, and Sharleen called for medical attention before she continued.

A spokesperson for Fringe by the Sea said: “The person who became ill was attended to quickly by first aid and was fine after having some water.”

East Lothian Courier:

The Belhaven Big Top at Fringe by the Sea 2022. Photo: Mr Smith Aerial

As for the pufflings, they were safely returned to the Forth.

A comment on social media said of the first: “The puffling that was found in front of the stage was safely returned to the sea at the end of the old pier last night.

“Charlie Texas Ranger (as we named him) paddled off in the direction of the open water and we watched until he dived down.

“We also have given him a stern reminder that, if he wants to attend FBTS gigs, he needs to buy a ticket like the rest of us.”

Shows still to come at Fringe by the Sea include:

  • Today (Thursday) – Just The Tonic Comedy Club presents Frankie Boyle, Belhaven Big Top, 8pm.
  • Tomorrow (Friday) – Clive Anderson, Belhaven Big Top, 1pm; Yoko Pwno with DJ Refracta, Lodge Stage, 8pm; The Cuban Brothers, Belhaven Big Top, 8pm.
  • Saturday – Jay Rayner, Belhaven Big Top, 11am; Fun Scientists, Little Top, 2pm; Happy Mondays, Belhaven Big Top, 8pm.
  • Sunday – Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Belhaven Big Top, 12pm; Royal Scottish National Orchestra – John Williams, Belhaven Big Top, 7pm.