Police Scotland have warned the public about careless driving on the A199 between Tranent and Macmerry after several instances involving horses on the road.

They reminded drivers to use caution when approaching horses and ensure motorists follow the highway code to ensure the safety of those on the road.

Motorists should slow to a maximum speed of 10mph when approaching a horse, showing patience and not revving the engine or using the horn.

They also implored road users to only pass when safe to do so, allowing at least a 2m gap to protect themselves and other road users.

Motorists failing to abide by these rules may face penalty points and a fine.

A police spokesperson said: "East Lothian Police have recently been made aware of a number of instances of drivers passing horse riders on the A199 Tranent to Macmerry road carelessly.

"Horse riders and horse drawn vehicles are vulnerable road users and as such require additional considerations when encountered by drivers on the road network.

"The highway code provides the following advice to drivers when they need to pass a horse rider on the road.

"East Lothian Police would also like to take this opportunity to remind road users that passing horse riders/ horse drawn vehicles dangerously or carelessly is an offence and may result in penalty points and a fine.

"Please drive considerately and have respect for other road users."