WE TAKE a look at the stories making headlines in East Lothian 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

Sayings and doings of 25 years ago...

‘AXE poised to fall on Herdmanflat’ was the front page headline in the East Lothian Courier on August 1, 1997.

The threat of closure hangs over Herdmanflat Hospital, Haddington, which may either be relocated at nearby Roodlands or in part of the present grounds.

Wards have been closed in the rambling Victorian building – which occupies a large and valuable site, ripe for housing development.

The 72-bed Hopetoun Unit, currently leased to ELCAP – the East Lothian Care and Accommodation Project – is scheduled to close and be handed back to the East and Midlothian NHS Trust by Christmas when its residents are settled into homes in Haddington, Dunbar and North Berwick.

Herdmanflat closure fears have been fuelled by this and a Government-inspired asset utilisation survey of all properties owned by NHS trusts, including East and Midlothian.

“The future of the Herdmanflat site is being examined as part of this survey which will be completed by February of next year,” said a trust spokesman.

...and 50 years ago

A GAS leak caused major disruption, reported The Haddingtonshire Courier on August, 4 1972.

Traffic was diverted through the village of Longniddry on Wednesday following the discovery of a serious gas leak in the road.

Police warned people to stay away from the escaping gas on the main Edinburgh-Longniddry-North Berwick road near the old Smiddy.

They also warned householders of the leak.

Mrs Gertrude Nash, of Charteris Road, Longniddry, who makes pottery in the Smiddy, and Miss Mary Gordon in the nearby general dealer’s shop, had to close their premises. Gas Board workmen dug up the road to divert the flow of gas and to repair the leak.

Some months ago, a Longniddry woman was overcome by gas and collapsed in her home after a gas explosion in the road – about 100 yards from Wednesday’s leak.

...and 100 years ago

ON AUGUST 4, 1922, The Haddingtonshire Courier reported on a miner who fell off a roof and child who was hit by a car.

A miner, named James Davidson, residing in Summerlee Street, met with injuries through a fall off the roof in Prestongrange Colliery, on Monday. He was removed to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.

A little boy, seven years of age, son of William Cunningham, was run over by a motor car, at Cuthill on Tuesday. He sustained severe injuries, consisting of a fractured thigh and arm, and was removed to the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.