The most famous people from East Lothian have been revealed, according to a new interactive map.

Mapbox researcher and geographer Topi Tjukanov developed the insightful map which reveals the birthplaces of the most 'notable people' around the world.

The data is based on a study published in June this year from researchers from the University of Paris. 

A person's significance was calculated based on information scraped from Wikipedia and Wikidata. 

The data accounts for a series of factors including the number of Wikipedia entries, their average length, the average number of views from 2015-18 as well as the total number of external links.

"The data contains a rank value and a notability "sum value" these are used to determine which names are shown and how big they are," Mr Tjukanov explained to users on Twitter.

You can explore the map and view the noteworthy people from hometowns all over the world in four different categories:

  • Culture
  • Discovery & Science
  • Leadership
  • Sports & Games

Who are the most famous people from East Lothian?

(Background) Dunbar ( Google Maps) (Circle) Notable people interactive map (Mapbox/ Topi Tjukanov)Notable people interactive map in East Lothian (Mapbox/ Topi Tjukanov)

The interactive map has revealed the most significant people to come from some of East Lothian's most popular spots.

Dunbar's biggest name was unquestionably the naturalist and author John Muir ( 1848-1914).

We celebrate the ecological thinker on John Muir day every year on April 21.

You can visit his birthplace in the town or even walk the 130-mile long-distance route running from Helensburgh to Dunbar that was named after him.

Looking elsewhere in East Lothian, Haddington's biggest name is the founder of the Presbyterian Church of Scotland, John Knox (1514- 1572) who was no friend to Catholic Mary Queen of Scots.

Other notable people that made a splash on the map include the Channel 4 Absolutely actor Gordon Kennedy who grew up in Tranent and professional boxer Josh Taylor from Prestonpans, known as the 'The Tartan Tornado'.

Beyond East Lothian, legendary actor Sean Connery has been deemed the most notable name from Edinburgh and comic Charlie Chaplin is considered the most significant person from the UK's capital.