I took some images of an ‘encampment’ which I encountered on a cycle ride on July 20 on the National Cycle Route 76, east of Dunbar, on the old A1, which is reached by a designated cycle/path which I believe was provided by the cement works.

The pictures were taken at the end of the cycle path, where it joins the old A1 roadway at the blocked-off entrance to the quarry site.

I was angered by the amount of rubbish which had been discarded at this site and, when I communicated with residents there that they should not leave rubbish, I was told to “pick it up, then”.

There was also an amount of masonry, which had been tipped.

I cycled on to Dunbar Police Station and saw a constable who advised that the police and local authority were aware of the problem and intended to call.

At this time, the travellers have now moved on, leaving their rubbish behind. Clearly they will transfer the problem to their next site.

This is a recurring problem which I have seen in previous years at this location but the amount of rubbish and debris I saw last week demanded that I take action.

It is a national problem but we must take steps to try to deal with the problem locally.

We are proud of the beauty in our county and need to protect it.

I am trying to find out if this area of roadway to which these people make return visits is owned by Tarmac, the cement works owners, or by the local authority.

Clearly if access to this area was restricted by a barrier then the travellers would no longer be able to park there.

It is, I believe, only through making it difficult for travellers to park their vehicles anywhere other than a site provided by the local authorities, with appropriate facilities, that this problem will be resolved.

I have written to Tarmac suggesting that if this area of land is owned by them, it might be possible to prevent a recurrence of this problem by moving the existing barrier to the quarry further east to the boundary of their land with the council’s road, leaving an exit for cyclists and walkers such as myself.

If it is land not owned by Tarmac then I will write to East Lothian Council suggesting the council should take steps to restrict access to the area.

Alistair Mackie