AN ORGANISATION which has been helping youngsters learn the values of teamwork and loyalty for more than 50 years has received a cash boost.

Dunbar Sea Cadets, which has seen its membership double to 60 over recent months, looks to help youngsters aged from 10 to 18 through outdoor activities such as sailing, rowing and kayaking.

Community Windpower has made a donation to provide new equipment, including helmets and wetsuits.

Diane Wood, community benefits director at Community Windpower, said: “Organisations like this are essential to the wellbeing and growth of children and young people.

“Learning doesn’t always have to be in the classroom, and the sea cadets in Dunbar can learn so much from doing activities and sports in a team which also furthers their personal development.

“The purchasing of this safety equipment is vital to ensure that new and existing cadets or volunteers can enjoy activities on the water.”