RE-OPENING dates for historic castles which attract more than 75,000 people per year need to be announced, according to an MSP.

Dirleton Castle; Tantallon Castle, near North Berwick; and Hailes Castle, between Haddington and East Linton, have been shut since January.

At that time, Historic Environment Scotland outlined the reasons for closure, including a bid to fight the effects of climate change.

Craig Hoy, South Scotland MSP, has called for clarity on when the trio of buildings could reopen to the public.

He described it as “unacceptable for these site closures to be kicked into the long grass”.

The Conservative politician previously met with Dr David Mitchell from Historic Environment Scotland and said: “While I had a constructive meeting with Dr David Mitchell on the closure of Tantallon Castle, Dirleton Castle and Hailes Castles, I believe we need a firm commitment from Historic Environment Scotland on when these sites will be reopened.

“Dr Mitchell made clear the castles were closed due to issues which go beyond climate change.

“An analysis of a number of sites by Historic Environment Scotland earlier this year found high levels of erosion in sites across Scotland, many of which had not been fully inspected for decades and were deemed unsafe for the public to enter.

“To meet their statutory obligations, Historic Environment Scotland have said they were required to close the sites to carry out inspections before they can be reopened.”

Inspections are under way at both Hailes Castle and Dirleton Castle.

However, only once these inspections have been completed will there be any indication as to what would happen next.

Dr Mitchell said: “Tantallon Castle sits within the second batch of sites and has been made safe until a survey can be carried out.

“Pre-survey work is underway for Tantallon and, whilst the survey programme for the second batch is currently being developed, it is expected that this survey will be completed later in 2022.”