I would like to draw readers’ attention to plans which would change the skyline in North Berwick, close to the town’s major asset, the Law.

Despite attempts to convince people that it is a low-profile building which will fit in with an existing development and do us all a favour by filling in a gap site, the fact is that a local farmer has submitted another planning application (the first was withdrawn after a storm of protest) for a huge designer house alongside a path used daily by walkers on their way to the landmark.

The first attempt described the proposed modern monolith as for a farm manager, but now even the advisers acknowledge there is no longer any operational need for this new property, as the farmer has purchased another farm with accommodation which will meet his future housing needs.

So is this just a moneymaking game involving a house that would not be out of place in the Archerfield development of multi-million-pound properties, and one which wealthy incoming buyers will snap up in their stampede to come here?

What is being ignored is the impact on the existing small community at The Heugh, some 15 to 18 homes, conversions and newbuilds, designed with the traditional red pantile roofs and external render which dot the East Lothian countryside.

The enormous proposed property is totally out of keeping with its surroundings, however that may be disguised.

The site is presented as a redundant or disused area of a field and not in agricultural use, though people have photographs of crops growing there and this may be only a recent change. With a Sedum roof its main nod to the country environment, it sits adjacent to the listed water tower on the ridge above Aldi’s supermarket.

People using the road to East Linton will be familiar with the dangerous bends which have led to traffic accidents in the past. Yet it is this very point which it is proposed to use for heavy vehicle access and construction traffic, ignoring the danger to people who live there, including the elderly and families with children.

Despite living 50 to 100 yards from the proposed development, we have had no neighbour consultation.

Bob Serafini

The Heugh

North Berwick