A new appointment has been made at Musselburgh-based Queen Margaret University (QMU) as part of its “commitment” to social justice.

As equality, diversity and inclusion and anti-racism adviser, Professor Paul Miller PhD will provide guidance to principal Sir Paul Grice and other staff.

Sir Paul said: “Social justice is central to the values of Queen Margaret University and we recognise that to be anti-racist requires concerted, concrete action, not just words.

“The appointment of Professor Miller will allow us to deliver meaningful, impactful actions to advance our current work on equality, diversity and inclusion, drawing on best practice, and building on actions that we have already implemented.

“We aim to ensure that not only does every staff member and student, whatever their background, feel they belong and can thrive at QMU, but that through them we can help propagate anti-racism practices across society more widely.”

Prof Miller, a former head of the School of Education at the University of Greenwich, is professor of educational leadership and social justice and director of the Institute for Educational & Social Equity.

A QMU spokesperson said: “He is the first and still the only black professor of educational leadership in the UK.

“With over 108 peer reviewed publications, he has researched, written and published significantly on the issues of racism and leadership, and how the curriculum can be used to tackle gender-based violence (GBV).”

Prof Miller, whose work on racism and leadership has been used by the UK Cabinet Office in policy development, will carry out an equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) culture review, looking at issues affecting both staff and students.

QMU is said to be the first university in the UK to undertake such a “broad review” and its findings will help strengthen its current EDI strategy and action plan.

Prof Miller will be supported by visiting fellows (race equality) Dr Leroi Henry and Dr Kenisha T. Linton.