EAST Lothian will be shown on televisions across the country tomorrow (Tuesday) as the history of witches is explored.

Both North Berwick and Haddington feature in Lucy Worsley Investigates, which is shown on BBC Two at 9pm.

The episode – entitled The Witch Hunts – shows the host investigating what lay behind thousands of ordinary people, the vast majority of them women, being hunted down, tortured and killed in witch hunts across Scotland and England.

According to the BBC: “She begins her investigation in North Berwick, a seaside town not far from Edinburgh, where the witch hunting craze began.

“The story goes that, in 1590, a coven of witches gathered here to cast a spell to try to kill the King of Scotland, James VI.

“Using an account from the time called Newes from Scotland and other first-hand sources, Lucy uncovers a web of political intrigue that led to a woman called Agnes Sampson, a faith healer and midwife, being investigated.

“She was accused of witchcraft and interrogated at Holyrood Castle by King James himself before being tortured and executed.”