THREE young ambassadors for a children’s mental health charity were welcomed to a meeting of Prestonpans Community Council last Tuesday.

Aidan Stevenson, 11, 16-year-old Ailsa Gear, and Sophie Marshal, 15, attended the meeting to promote The Destiny Project.

The Destiny Project wants to transform the former Cuthill Park community garden and form a steering group made up of community members.

The youngsters also urged East Lothian Council election candidates to pledge their support for the poverty pledge, with the aim that whoever was elected would prioritise poverty reduction.

Andrew Stevenson, the charity’s founder, said: “Poverty is something no children, young people or their families deserve.

“We have a duty to do whatever humanly possible to support and promote reduction to children poverty.

“Our aim is to promote our four focus areas of health promotion, reduction of poverty, education development, and promotion of the environment, as well as providing a space to dream big, inspire others and achieve their goals, but a safe space to go and get stuck into community activity by volunteering or just to be socially involved.”

The Destiny Project’s uoung ambassadors also spoke on support for young people’s mental health and the importance of addressing anti-social behaviour.

Andrew added: “I am exceptionally proud of these fantastic young people, as it’s never easy to speak out.

“I wish to thank Prestonpans Community Council for providing the platform for these fantastic young people, who clearly want to see a healthier, sustainable, greener Prestonpans, East Lothian and Scotland.

“I can’t express in words how much pride I have for the young ambassadors programme and the value it gives to young people.”

The three young ambassadors said they felt “very valued and listened to” by the community council.

The young ambassadors programme is appealing for other young people aged 11 to 17 to get involved.

DJ Johnston-Smith, community council chair, said: “It was an absolute pleasure.

“What fine, articulate ambassadors for the project and our town they all were.

“We hope we shall hear much more from them in the months ahead.”