A FRESH appeal has been launched to find a suitable home for an identified refugee family to settle in East Lothian.

East Lothian Horizons, composed of volunteers from the county, hopes to welcome refugees from war zones and help them settle in East Lothian.

The group, set up last autumn, confirmed to the Courier that a family had been identified and would be housed in East Lothian when suitable accommodation was secured.

The search is on for an appropriate rental home but East Lothian Horizons is looking for help from the community in identifying a place.

The group will not be prioritising Ukrainian refugees.

Niki Fallowfield, chairperson, said: “All of us within East Lothian Horizons are sad and horrified to see what is happening in Ukraine.

“It is truly heartbreaking and some Courier readers may be wondering if we have any specific plans for helping Ukrainian refugees.

“The focus of East Lothian Horizons has always been on helping a family to flee from conflict and war.

“The family or families we are hoping to support are already waiting to be resettled and they have potentially been living with conflict for many years. The family will already have been identified by UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) and given refugee status and leave to remain by the Home Office.”

She added that the members wished they could help everyone but could “only help one family at a time”.

Niki added: “We are desperately trying to find suitable accommodation for a family. As soon as we find an appropriate house, we will be able to help our first family.

“Once they are settled, we would hope to move on to helping another family.”

Community sponsorship is being sought after, with Niki adding: “If a landlord or private individual has housing available for rental, please contact elhhousing@gmail.com”

To volunteer to become a part of East Lothian Horizons, email eastlothianhor izonsvolunteer@gmail.com