A JACK-UP vessel is now visible off the coast of Cockenzie following its return on Tuesday.

The vessel, installed on behalf of Inch Cape Offshore Limited and operated by contractors Fugro, is beginning a programme of near-shore survey work not far from the coast as part of the work for constructing the Inch Cape offshore wind farm.

The programme of work could take a week or more if operations need to be paused due to weather concerns.

The information gathered will be used to inform detailed design work and the construction process.

A spokesperson said: “The height of the vessel is dependent on the configuration.

“Currently when towing to site or moving around the site, her legs will be pulled up and she will be around 34m to the top of the legs.

“When she is working, given the water depths on site, she will be around 26m to the tops of the legs.”

The wind farm will be Scotland’s largest single source of renewable power when built, with up to 72 turbines generating the equivalent of the annual demand of more than one million homes.