ALL sports centres in East Lothian are closing early today (Friday) after the Met Office warned of a danger to life from extremely strong winds brought by Storm Arwen.

The Met Office its most serious red 'take action' warning for East Lothian earlier today, covering the period between 3pm today and 2am tomorrow (Saturday).

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BEAR Scotland has also announced that the A1 in East Lothian might be closed in its entirety this afternoon if the predicted near-90mph winds arrive.

READ MOREA1 in East Lothian could close in its entirety this afternoon due to extremely strong winds

Now, enjoyleisure, which operates sports centres in East Lothian on behalf of East Lothian Council, has announced the earlier closing time for its facilities.

Bill Axon, enjoyleisure chief executive, said: "As you will all be aware, a red weather warning is in place for dangerous high winds, which will impact East Lothian.

"Having had discussions with East Lothian Council emergency planning and officials, I have taken the decision to close all enjoy sport centres and affiliated facilities from 4pm today to ensure staff can vacate the buildings by 4.30pm to allow safe travel home.

"The closures will be communicated to customers through all available channels, as it would be negligent to encourage and endorse public travel when such dangerous conditions are prevalent and widespread.

"Please also note the above closure times will also apply to the Mercat Gait facilities in Prestonpans

"Our position as always is to safeguard staff, customers and members of the public at all times and I believe, based on the current information available, our customers and members of the public will agree the above actions are reasonable, appropriate and the right thing to do in the circumstances.

"Take care and please remain safe."