A KNOX Academy pupil has been appointed a COP26 local champion.

Anya Boardman, who is in S3 at the Haddington secondary school, applied to Young Scot (YS Hive) to take on the role.

The youngster made it to the interview stage and was selected to be one of 10 local champions.

Sue Cook, headteacher at Knox Academy, congratulated her pupil.

Speaking ahead of the global climate change conference, which took place in Glasgow earlier this month, he said: “As an ambassador she will be tasked with supporting local events, promoting COP26 themes in the community and sharing young people’s efforts.

“[It is] a fantastic opportunity to work with other young people within and beyond our school and wider community.”

COP26 came to a close earlier this month and the school has since been looking at the issues raised in Glasgow.

Teachers have been encouraged to discuss the important issues in class, while some staff have been delivering lessons relating to COP26 and the climate emergency.