SCHOOL term dates for East Lothian have been set for the next three years to keep them in line with Edinburgh.

East Lothian Council’s education committee agreed the dates for school sessions for the 2022/23 year through to the 2024/25 year at a virtual meeting on Tuesday.

Members were told that City of Edinburgh Council had already set its term dates for the next three years and matching the dates was the preferred option for the "vast majority" of people consulted in recent years in the county.

The committee was told that among the points included to mirror the city dates were: a fixed one-week break in the third week of October;  the school session ending before the first full week of July; five fixed in-service days; and flexibility with the Easter break to allow for a natural end to term two.

The report to council was written before Midlothian Council agreed its dates for the next three years at a meeting last week and did not include details.

Midlothian also opted to align with the City of Edinburgh and Lothian neighbours as much as possible.

The committee agreed the new dates for the next three years.

The East Lothian dates for 2022/23, which remain open for change, will see the school year start for pupils on Wednesday, August 17, with the October break from Friday, October 14, to Tuesday, October 25, and term end for Christmas on Tuesday, December 20.

Schools will return on Wednesday, January 4, with a break from Friday, February 10, to Tuesday, February 21, for pupils and the Easter break from Friday, March 31.

Term three restarts for pupils on Monday, April 17, and ends on Wednesday, June 28.

School year for 2023/24 starts on Wednesday, August 15, for pupils, with the October break from Friday, October 13, to Tuesday, October 25.

The schools will then break for Christmas on Friday, December 22, 2023, returning for term two on Monday, January 8.

Mid-term break will be from Friday, February 9, 2024, to Tuesday, February 20, with the Easter break from Thursday, March 28.

Term three 2024 resumes on Tuesday, April 16, with the school year finishing on Friday, June 28.

The 2024/25 year will start on Wednesday, August 14, with the October break from Friday, October 11, to Tuesday, October 22, and term ending on Friday, December 20.

Term two 2025 begins on Monday, January 6, with mid-term break from Friday, February 7, to Tuesday, February 18, and Easter break on Friday, April 4.

Term three restarts on Tuesday, April 22, with the 2025 school year ending on Thursday, June 26.

Full details, including staff in-service days and public holidays, will be made available on the East Lothian Council website.