A MUSSELBURGH man who told two teenage schoolgirls he worked at a sexual health clinic and they should visit him to learn sex positions has been placed on the sex offenders’ register.

Kieran McVie approached one teenage girl and made sexual comments towards her, shouted “hey beautiful” at the girl before making a lewd comment about his genitals at the town’s Lewisvale Park.

McVie then approached a 17-year-old girl who was wearing her school uniform and asked her “are you up for it?” during the incidents in June.

He then made threats to the schoolgirl by saying he would “drag her into the bushes” and claimed he had a knife and would “slit her throat”.

An intoxicated McVie then confronted a nine-year-old girl the following day, where the child believed he was “going to pull his shorts down” in front of her.

Details of the two offences were heard as McVie appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court via a video link from HMP Edinburgh last Thursday.

Prosecutor Gavin Whyte told the court that the first incident took place at about 9am on June 17 at Lewisvale Park in Musselburgh.

The two teenage girls “became aware of the accused walking nearby and walking slowly” close to them and one girl saw McVie “observing her”.

Mr Whyte said that McVie “pointed to the sexual health clinic, stating he worked there”.

He then stated they should “come and see him and he would show them sexual positions”.

He then made sexual comments to both schoolgirls regarding his genitals.

After telling one of the girls he would “drag her into bushes”, she shouted at him: “F*** off, you can see I am in my school uniform going to school.”

The teenager reported the incident to a teacher after arriving at school and the police were contacted.

The court was told that police had also received several calls from concerned members of the public regarding “a drunk male staggering around and falling over”.

The court also heard that McVie approached a nine-year-old girl at about 4pm the following day at the town’s Delta Drive.

He was said to be “heavily intoxicated” and the youngster believed he was about to pull his shorts down before she “ran off in the opposite direction”.

The child informed her mother and McVie was subsequently arrested at about 10pm that evening following more calls to the police about his behaviour.

The fiscal said that McVie told police officers he was “puzzled” as to why he had been arrested.

The court was told that the Crown was of the opinion that the offences had a “significant sexual aspect” to them.

Solicitor Angela Craig said that her client had a criminal record but there was “nothing in his background of a sexual nature” contained in his previous offending.

Sheriff Chris Dickson remanded McVie in custody and placed him on the sex offenders’ register.

Sentence was deferred to next month for social work reports to be prepared,

McVie pleaded guilty to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by acting in an aggressive manner towards three children, repeatedly making remarks of a sexual nature to them and placing them in a state of fear and alarm at Lewisvale Park, Musselburgh, on June 17.

He also admitted behaving in a threatening or abusive manner towards a nine-year-old child by staring at her, standing in front of her, threatening to remove his lower clothing and placing her in a state of fear and alarm at Delta Drive, Musselburgh, on June 18.