A SECTION of Musselburgh could be removed from East Lothian when it comes to future General Elections.

Changes are being considered to the county's Westminster constituency – which until now has exactly matched the county boundaries – under proposals being made up by The Boundary Commission for Scotland.

One of the proposals is to see Musselburgh residents who live to the west of the River Esk included in the Edinburgh East constituency.

That would include areas of the Capital such as Portobello and Duddingston.

East Lothian Courier:

This map shows the proposed Edinburgh East constituency, included the western part of Musselburgh

The rest of the East Lothian constituency would then be renamed East Lothian Coast and would continue to include the part of Musselburgh to the east of the river.

East Lothian Courier:

This map shows the proposed East Lothian Coast constituency, containing the rest of East Lothian

The proposals were revealed today (Thursday), marking the start of an eight-week consultation.

For Scotland as a whole, the number of MPs would be cut from 59 to 57.

Meanwhile, there would 10 additional MPs in England, eight fewer in Wales and no change in Northern Ireland.

Lord Matthews, Deputy Chair of the Boundary Commission for Scotland, said: “I believe this is a promising start to delivering the requirements of the new rules that mean the number of constituencies in Scotland will reduce from 59 to 57, and that each mainland constituency must have broadly the same number of electors.

“We have set out proposals today which do that and are, we believe, a good implementation of the rules set by Parliament.

“Today is the beginning of a process and we now want to hear the views of the public.

“We will reflect on responses to the consultation and make changes where appropriate and where the legislation allows us to do so.

“We strongly encourage voters to make their views heard.”

At the last General Election in East Lothian, Kenny MacAskill won the seat for the SNP by a majority of 3,886 over incumbent Labour MP Martin Whitfield – Mr MacAskill has since left the SNP and joined the ALBA Party.

The proposed changes would have no effect to the existing Scottish Parliament constituencies, which see Musselburgh, Wallyford and Whitecraig included as part of the Midlothian North and Musselburgh constituency, and the rest of the county in the East Lothian constituency.