A BRAVE father chased a thief down the street in his bare feet after he allegedly stole his son’s mountain bike from the family garden.

Last Wednesday at about 9.55pm, Ewan Reynolds’ son’s mountain bike was taken from their garden at Fa’side Avenue in Tranent.

Ewan explained that the bike, a size small Trek Roscoe 6 in grey/red with yellow writing on the tyres, was taken from the back door of their home.

His partner Kirsty heard the culprit outside on the garden stones.

When she opened the back door, she witnessed the thief holding the bike in the air and making his way down the driveway.

Immediately, Kirsty called for Ewan’s help and he raced down the garden in his bare feet to chase the thief up the street.

Unfortunately, the culprit made his escape in the direction of the bus terminal at the zebra crossing near Windygoul Co-op.

Ewan added: “My son was absolutely gutted due to the theft as he goes out on his bike every day after school and is always out on his bike at the weekends, as that’s what he and his pals do.”

The bike has since been recovered from a garden in Tranent.

Ewan said he was notified of information about the whereabouts of the bike and retrieved it on Monday evening.