A NUMBER of arrests have been made in Dunbar. 

On October 2, a man was arrested after being found in possession of a weapon.

Police received a call about a man causing a disturbance in the town's Fall Avenue.

The incident was highlighted in a report to the town’s community council, who meet on Monday evening. (October 18).

The report also highlighted a second incident in the town, in which a woman was arrested and charged in connection with a string of alleged offences in Dunbar.

Police confirmed the person had been charged with “numerous disorder offences” following an incident within “a licensed premises” on September 24.

A police spokesperson said: “Charges included assault, behaving in a threatening manner, vandalism and failing to leave a licensed premise when required.”

Growing concern about underage drinking on the outskirts of Dunbar have also been highlighted by police.

Community officers have been made aware of youngsters congregating near to Hallhill Steadings.

Reports have been made of the youngsters drinking alcohol in the area.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said: “Patrols have been conducted where able.

“This forms cyclical pattern as seen in previous years.”