Four 'Good Samaritans' from Musselburgh Grammar School have been praised by their headteacher after caring for someone who was "unconscious" in the town centre.

On the way home from school, one pupil was walking towards Tesco on Inveresk Road when she saw "a young lad unconscious".

A social media post from a member of the public said: "Three S5 lads saw him too. They all stopped, checked him over, kept him safe and sheltered him from the rain. They sought medical assistance by ringing for an ambulance."

One of the pupils ran to get help for him from the primary care centre and two healthcare nurses came out.

The post added: "The pupils still stayed with him, holding umbrellas over the lad, holding stuff for the nurses and whatever else they could to help out."

It said the pupils showed "empathy, responsibility and kindness to others".

"Not once did they make fun of the situation or bring themselves or the school into disrepute," the post added.

"Too often we point out the bad behaviour of our young people. Thanks to the four of them for taking time to help someone in need. Thanks also to the two nurses who stood in the rain with them and made sure the young lad was okay until the ambulance arrived."

Jodie Hannan, headteacher at Musselburgh Grammar, said: "The school was advised of the prompt and caring actions by these pupils which I believe typifies the strong community values of our school. I have spoken to all pupils and parents to express my pride in their kind and respectful actions."

The Courier was told that the families of the children preferred it if they were not named.