A RESCUE helicopter was called out last night (Sunday) in the search for a missing person at Dunbar.

Emergency services were called out at about 9.25pm after reports of someone in the water near the old swimming pool in the town.

RNLI volunteers from the town were joined by the Coastguard rescue helicopter, as well as Coastguard teams from Dunbar and North Berwick, the Scottish Ambulance Service and Police Scotland.

A spokesperson for Dunbar RNLI said: “After a thorough search of the harbour area and shoreline, police officers located the person in question safe and well at home.

“All assets were stood down at 11.20pm.”

That was the second call out within a matter of hours for the RNLI volunteers.

At 6.15pm, they received a call that two people had been cut off by the tide at Pease Bay.

Inshore lifeboat crew arrived on scene shortly after 6.30pm and found the man and woman unhurt but stranded on a beach to the west of Pease Bay Leisure Park.

The RNLI spokesperson added: “After fitting them with lifejackets, the crew got them on board and took them the short distance to the caravan park.

“The all-weather lifeboat (ALB) was on scene to help with radio communication with Dunbar coastguard team, who also attended.

“Both crews were stood down at 7pm.”