NORTH Berwick’s first Window Wanderland community art event is proving a crowd-pleaser, with more than 160 homes and businesses signed up to the event this week.

Organised by the Bass Rock Community Group, and sponsored by Wallace Financial Planning, Window Wanderland has seen members of the public decorate their windows using a variety of materials such as tissue paper and chalk pens.

Images include sea scenes, references to the environment and even dancers doing the Argentine tango.

Co-organiser Rebekah MacRobert said: “It’s a community event suitable for everyone, people of all ages.

“We’re encouraging walking groups to get out and enjoy the artwork – and if anyone can’t get out or has mobility issues, we’re sharing photos on social media so everyone can see them.”

Richard Rogers, of the Bass Rock Community Group, said: “I went and had a look at some of the windows and I have to say it is amazing what people have done.

“People can get out and go for an entertaining walk, which will lift their spirits at this time.”

Resident Zoe Lovell said: “What a fabulous event. Our street has been so supportive towards each other and all the kids have been out running around looking for windows.”

The event ends on Sunday.

For a map of windows, go to