VISITORS to Dunbar could soon be tapping into a clean, fresh water supply under new plans.

Scottish Water launched its Your Water Your Life campaign in 2018, with more than 50 blue taps dotted across the country from Lerwick to Dumfries.

Now, steps could be taken to see at least one tap put in place in Dunbar to offer people a chance to quench their thirst with free, clean water.

Dunbar Community Council was firmly behind the idea during a recent virtual meeting.

Jacquie Bell, the group’s secretary, said: “Years ago, Dr Liz Hare came and spoke to us about water fountains.

“There was some traffic on social media, with people saying [the Scottish Water tap] would be a great idea for Dunbar.

“They have got a tap in North Berwick.”

Dunbar was previously home to a water fountain, with a cast iron fountain in place in Bayswell Park.

It was later moved to the junction of Church Street and Queen’s Road, where there is a plaque detailing its history.

During discussions at the community council meeting, Mrs Bell highlighted that Scottish Water took the lead on the proposals.

The community council secretary said: “There is no work for the community council; Scottish Water put in planning applications, they check out sites and get planning permission.

“They check water pressure and things like that.”

The idea won favour with community councillors, who identified a number of potential sites throughout the town.

Locations included Lauderdale Park or nearby Winterfield Park.

Other suggestions included next to Lauderdale House, where the public toilets and car charging points are already in place, as well as the Bleachingfield Centre, which is used by community groups.

Pippa Swan, chairwoman of the community council, said the group should give feedback to Scottish Water and say there was interest in the installation of a water tap.

She said: “Could we feedback possible sites and try to put them in order of preference?

“We might get more than one if we show a real interest.

“Down by the station would be a good site as well.”

The scheme is designed to encourage people to carry a refillable bottle, drink more tap water and help protect the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Currently, there are 53 taps across Scotland, with the only one in East Lothian found on North Berwick’s Quality Street.

When the plans for North Berwick were discussed in 2019, the town’s community council raised concerns that the bright blue tap was not “suitable” given it would be sited in the town’s conservation area.