NORTH Berwick in Bloom volunteers are waiting to see if they have struck gold once again.

Judges for the Beautiful Scotland awards visited the town on August 4 and were given a tour of its horticultural highlights.

Members of the voluntary group took the judges to the Lodge Grounds, High Street, harbour and North Berwick Golf Club.

The judges were not just treated to a show of plants and flowers – they also met representatives of the many groups North Berwick in Bloom works alongside.

Members of North Berwick’s Brownies group joined the judging tour to show off the Lodge Grounds carpet bed which celebrates their 100th birthday.

East Lothian Courier: A member of North Berwick's Brownies group and the Brownie leader at the carpet bedA member of North Berwick's Brownies group and the Brownie leader at the carpet bed

Last-minute touch-ups by the Bass Rock Community Group, who picked up litter, ensured the town looked its best.

North Berwick in Bloom has won several awards though the years, including the Beautiful Scotland Best Coastal Town & Gold Medal in 2019, 2017 and 2016.

Judges were tight-lipped about the success of this year’s tour, with groups throughout the country due to learn their fate next month.

But North Berwick in Bloom chairperson Libby Morris said the judges were impressed by the tropical bed in the Lodge Grounds, which includes banana plants, bird of paradise and a grapevine, and the new planters on High Street and at the harbour.

East Lothian Courier: Judges visited the Scottish Seabird CentreJudges visited the Scottish Seabird Centre

The planters on High Street were originally put in place under the council’s Spaces for People programme, but are now planted with herbs and vegetables to demonstrate ‘incredible edibles’ and attract bees and butterflies.

Libby said: “The feedback was that the judges enjoyed their visit to North Berwick.

“We would like to thank the members of East Lothian Council amenities team, led by John Stevens, for the huge amount of work in the weeks leading up to judging day and for all they do to keep the town beautiful and tidy throughout the year.

“We would also like to thank Gus, who runs the East Lothian Council nursery and produces amazing plants for the whole of East Lothian.”